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We are a diverse group, ranging in experience from a few years to a few decades, with many different philosophies, different motivations, and different ways of enjoying our lives outside of work. But we all share one guiding principle that defines who we are as a team – we enjoy working with each other, and we all do our best work when we support each other, and our clients, in creating great results. Chaos Theory is not a brand, or a website, or an office – although we have all of those things – but a group of people working together to imagine, invent, create, and bring new experiences to life.

The Chaos Theory Team

Chris Stevens

Co-Founder and
Experience Architect

Phil Tapia

Co-Founder and
Technical Director

Jayme Hewitt

Senior Project Manager

Evan Ebert

Project Manager

Brian Harper

Lead Software Developer

Eric McCormick

Senior Software Developer

Hedley Robertson

Senior Software Developer

John Purcell

Senior Software Developer

Nik Hammer-Ellis

Senior Software Developer

Joe Easter

Senior Software Developer

Paola Reyes

Creative Director

Jonathan Chicquette

Art Director

Frank Stapleton

Senior Developer (Unity)

Tim Eulie

Senior UI/UX Designer

Kelvin Terry

3D Designer

Kelsey Olivier

UX Designer

Isaiah Morales

UX Designer

Rebecca Bar

UX Designer

Jennifer Hill

Senior Project Manager

Dana Nobel

Senior UX Designer